Your destination for premium clay cutters and texture rollers. Unleash your creativity with our expertly crafted tools, shipped worldwide. Let the artistry begin!

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All types of texture rollers for clay and more. Choose between ours range of measures and start creating!

Explore a world of creativity with our collection of clay cutters, offering a variety of shapes and sizes. Embrace the possibilities and let your imagination sculpt something extraordinary!

Realistic rollers for your creations. Rocks, sand, tiles and many more, discover them all!

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We can create your idea and bring it to reality! Just send us a picture and we'll craft it.

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Based in Barcelona, we are a passionate team of designers and engineers dedicated to crafting exceptional clay products just for you. With meticulous care, we bring the best in functionality and creativity to your artistic endeavors.
With our worldwide stores and premium shipping services want to offer you the best service for your brand.

Our company is composed by designers and engineers who carefully create the best working products specially for you!


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